Web Reputation Management

As mentioned above, maintaining a positive online image is extremely important for controlling the reputation of a person, business, or organization. There are several approaches to this, but the most effective way is through a web reputation management firm. Web reputation management is often used by celebrities who want to maintain a positive image. These professionals start by attempting to remove any information from the internet that would harm the client. Of course, this is extremely difficult, considering the vastness of the internet and the typical inability to force anyone to remove content. If the web reputation professional cannot have the content removed, they will use the setup of search engines to their advantage. They will move negative search results further down, replacing them with positive results. Another important aspect of web reputation management deals with social media. They send out positive statements on social media, as well as watch for negative reactions to the person. If there is a negative connotation associated with their client, they can start a positive social media campaign, as well as remove negative comments. Online reputation is one of those things that famous people need to monitor and improve with professionals’ help.

Celebrities are not the only people who use web reputation management, however. Many civilians are extremely concerned with their online reputations, especially since it is so simple to search someone’s name on the internet. Most employers perform an internet search on possible employees before hiring them. For that reason, it is very important that everyone maintain their online reputation. There are many web reputation management professionals who specialize in cleaning up civilians’ internet profiles. It is much less easy to change a civilian’s reputation online since there is less information about them and fewer people have formed an opinion. The main goal, in most cases, is to make the person more profitable to employers. Cleaning up social media or starting new social media accounts altogether is the first step. Once those are up to standards, the professional must then work on any results from an internet search of the person. They must then attempt to remove any negative information that the online search reveals. This is usually repeated for various search engines since most search engines show different results. Negative results can also be moved further down on the search results since most people never go past the first page.

Web reputation management is much less common for businesses, but it does exist. The main goal is typical to get information about the business out into the world, rather than cleaning up a bad image. They will run social media campaigns, encourage reviews, and make sure that social media accounts are properly managed. Once a business is up and running, the need for a web reputation professional is usually eliminated unless some negative information is released.